Be warned, I'm a fangirl...

Between Rizzles and
Calzona, I'm surprised
my brain still functions
to be perfectly honest
with you...

My girlfriend is totally
awesome and amazing
and you should all go
follow her now!

*my super hot girlfriend*




What I think is totally awesome is that Daniel Craig said that the Queen was supposed to look up straight away, but she improvised the letter writing and completely blanked him, so the awkward standing there was completely realisitic. The Queen ignored James Bond because she was ACTING.

She ain’t called the Queen for nothing, kids.

I remember watching this live and thinking, ‘that’s not the Queen, no way.’ Then she turned around and HOLY FUCK! THAT’S THE ACTUAL QUEEN! 

And that’s why the 2012 Opening Ceremony will forever be my favourite.

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SET No 11

Now this set is a little different: First eleven rhymes with heaven (I know it´s a bit lame o_O) and secondly seeing Angie´s recent holiday pictures made me immediately think: WHAT ABOUT MAURA! And last but not least it´s winter were I live and completely horrid outside so I NEEDED THIS - Fanfic anyone, any recommendations?


…. the sideboob.